Press Contact: headline grabbing PR and publicity for businesses, projects and endeavours

Set up in 2004 by Vikki Rimmer, Press Contact has a proven track record when it comes to offering tenacious and headline grabbing publicity and PR in regional, national and international media.

We are well known for designing award winning, strategic and creative pr campaigns that get our clients and their projects great coverage in the press and broadcast media.

We understand our clients’ needs, we’re honest and above all – we’re connected to the best journalists and media outlets both regionally and nationally in the UK.

We can place your project on television, radio and in the broadsheets, tabloids, national and regional magazines in the UK. If your project depends on international PR then we can help with our contacts in the United States, India, Australia and South Africa.

Here are some of the things our clients
have said about us:

Ed Stafford ( Press Contact is creative and innovative...and I trust Vikki completely. She is irreplaceable as far as I'm concerned.

Natasha Desborough, author and broadcaster: 'The publicity Vikki has generated has proved to be invaluable. She's a brilliant PR and I can't wait to work with her again on our next big project.'

Tom Hart Dyke, BBC Gardener: 'Vikki's a ground breaking cracker in every aspect of the media workings & without her admirable help at Lullingstone Castle The World Garden of Plants, as a whole, simply wouldn't be where it is today!’

Zam Baring, Joint Managing Director KEO Films: 'We asked Vikki Rimmer to handle the publicity for our prime-time BBC2 Series "Return to Lullingstone Castle" and she has done an excellent job. Using her enthusiasm and keen nose for a story she managed to ensure that the series was getting Picks of the Day from many papers right to the end of the 6 week run - no mean feat considering the pressure for space in the pick sections and that this was a returning series.
Alongside her creative streak lies an equally broad diligent streak, which ensures that she doesn't give up until the last of her many contacts have been mined. And finally, unlike many in her industry, she is both straightforward and good fun to talk to.'

Jack Bovill, Chair of The Spelling Society: ‘Thanks to Vikki’s campaign, I have personally talked to all the big players including the BBC, Sky, Time Magazine and all the major UK newspapers. I have sat on many a BBC sofa this year to discuss our Society’s aims and I feel that these appearances have initiated a sea change for the Society. I am now welcomed into the studio for debate and in-depth analysis. From the leadership of the Conservative party to the Labour party, our aims are well known.’

  Some of the things the Industry have
said about us:

Danny Rogers Editor PR Week ''Vikki Rimmer has worked magic for her clients, achieving results even they hadn't expected'

Paul Sims Daily Mail 'I've worked with Vikki a lot and always found her to be professional, dedicated and highly efficient. She understands the media industry and how it works – that is half the battle.'

Mark Blacklock Daily Express '“Vikki best serves her clients' needs by going out of her way to understand what is required of them by people like me and in doing so she earns our trust.”

Frank Baldwin (Magazine Publisher and former managing editor/director at Courier Newspaper Group.) 'Vikki has a knack of coming up with interesting slants on stories which immediately make them more eye catching and interesting to readers.'

Suzanne Peck, of Sequel Group praised Vikki specifically, “for her innovative and tenacious approach to securing publicity and funding for her client Ed Stafford”.